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sO2’s digital training will give you the confidence to propose solutions that engage with customers and drive measurable results for your advertisers.

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Welcome to Digital Products Training. This training program is designed to provide you with the knowledge you need to successfully position and sell Digital Products and become an invaluable resource to your advertisers. This Digital Products Training Learning Path consists of four courses.   Course 1: Introduction to Digital Products Course 2: Digital Services Course 3: Digital Advertising Course 4: Solution Creation and Optimization   Each courses includes job aids, multiple online sessions that contain instruction, audio, online activities, and knowledge checks. At the end of each online session you will be instructed to complete a Learning Activity designed to give you some hands on experience with what you just learned. After completing all four Digital Products Training Courses, you’ll take a final assessment which will cover the information you’ve learned throughout the learning path. You’ll be required to pass this final assessment with a score of 80% or better to receive your Certification in Digital Products.   Read More

Welcome to Course 1: Introduction to Digital Products. This is the first course in the Digital Products Training Learning Path. In this course, you will be introduced to the basics of digital services and digital advertising so that you will be able to exploit the Internet's unique qualities to provide a richer experience for your clients, customers, and prospects. This course includes job aids and four online sessions: Session 1: Introduction to Digital Services and Digital Advertising Session 2: Digital Services Overview Session 3: Digital Advertising Overview Session 4: Bringing it All Together Read More

Welcome to Course 2: Digital Services. This is the second course in the Digital Products Training Learning Path. In this course, Digital Services, you will get in-depth information about content development, website design, social media and email marketing. You will explore On-site SEO presence and Off-site SEO presence and the services available to your merchants for directories, reputation management and social media. Included are example sales situations and more detailed information about the metrics that are used to measure good content.  This course includes job aids and five online sessions: Session 1: Website Design Session 2: Social Media Session 3: Email Campaigns Session 4: On-site SEO Session 5: Off-site SEO Read More

In Course 3: Digital Advertising, you will learn the specific distinctions of digital advertising; what makes it different from traditional advertising, what it is, how it works, when and how you use it, how to create a comprehensive advertising strategy and how digital advertising fits into the broader picture of online marketing. This course includes job aids and six online sessions: Session 1: Display Advertising Session 2: Mobile In-app Advertising Session 3: Targeted Email Advertising Session 4: Video Advertising Session 5: Google Advertising Session 6: Facebook Advertising Read More

In the first three Digital Product Training courses, you learned about the different types of digital services and digital advertising and how to use them to achieve your client’s desired results. In this fourth and final course, Solution Creation and Optimization, we will give you the opportunity to apply the knowledge and concepts you have learned in the first three courses to create and optimize a solution.  Read More

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